Reasons Why You Should Consider Attending a Community College

March 21, 2018

There is this unspoken prestige and glory attached to attending a university. But for many students who are on the hunt for a cost-effective way to earn associate’s degrees which they can later on use to get to different learning institutions offering 4-year college courses and obtain their bachelor’s degrees as a paralegal, going to community colleges is the way to go.

If currently you are wary of attending a community college, continue reading. Below you will come across some of the most noteworthy reasons why it is perfectly fine for you to go to a community college.

You Can Actually Interact With Your Teachers

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Nothing can make the hearts of students fill with so much joy than realizing that their teachers actually know their names. Well, that’s a reality that you can enjoy from choosing to attend a community college – your professor can call you by your name each time you raise your hand to answer a question or ask something.

On the other hand, it rarely happens that teachers in big universities know the names of their respective students – except of course students that are very familiar due to their wonderful achievements or sheer notoriety.

During your stay at your chosen community college, you can actually establish a relationship with your teachers. It’s so much easier to know your standing as a college student if you can obtain feedback directly from your teachers. Being able to have a one-on-one with a professor is a privilege that university students rarely enjoy – if at all.

You Get to Attend Smaller Class Sizes


It can be very stressful for a student like you to walk inside a classroom that is jam-packed with hundreds of people – yes, that’s a commonplace in today’s universities. It’s for this reason why most classes inside universities are held inside gigantic auditoriums, and the teachers have to use microphones just to be heard by every student present.

There is no need for you to put up with such nerve-racking situation every time you step foot in the campus if you are attending a community college. Class sizes at community colleges are generally smaller than those at universities, making their learning experience generally a more smooth-sailing one.

Besides, being in a small class makes it easier for the teacher to attend to the queries or clarifications of his or her students, guaranteeing that everyone completely understands the lesson before proceeding to other.

You Have Better Chances of Getting Higher Grades

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Everybody keeps saying that it’s so much easier for community college students to get high grades than university students, but no one really bothers to look at some of the real reasons behind such.

Well, the truth of the matter is community college students are able to focus more on their studies because of the first two reasons mentioned — being able to interact with their teachers and being in a smaller class size. Getting a good grade is trouble-free if you can focus more on studying than all the dramas and stresses of a large class size.

In addition, most community college professors utilize teaching methods that can make it so much easier for their students to understand the lessons. On the other hand, it’s customary for university teachers to focus on more formal modes of teaching, which can make the learning experience a less pleasurable one for most students.

You are Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers


Most people believe that teachers at community colleges are less qualified than their university counterparts. There could be some truth to this year ago, but no longer. Nowadays, community college professors are just as qualified to teach as professors elsewhere — the hiring personnel or today’s community colleges are stricter now more than ever.

As a proof, more and more community colleges these days require those who want to teach for them to have master’s or doctoral degrees in the subjects they wish to teach. Having prior teaching experience is also oftentimes a requirement. So as you can see, it’s not fair to assume that community college professors are less qualified teachers.

Now having qualified teachers is one more reason why they say that it is easier to get higher grades if you are attending a community college – since your teacher is a competent one, you will surely learn your lessons.

You Can Stretch Your College Education Budget

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Needless to say, being able to save lots and lots of money is one of the most noteworthy perks of choosing a community college over a university – it allows you to enjoy comparable, if not better, education to that which you can obtain from a prestigious university, but without leaving a massive dent on your budget.

With the rising costs of books, uniforms, dormitories and other necessities that most college students have to avail, it’s definitely a wise move for a money-conscious student to attend a community college. You want to get your degree fast. For those going to a traditional university or Cal State they might be wise to research how long it takes to get a paralegal degree at their institution. At a Career college for example, you can get your degree even faster than going to a community college, which will help you get working faster.

Thanks to community colleges, obtaining higher education is made possible for every student dreaming of a brighter future. By going to a community college, you can earn a degree without being deep in debt by the time that you graduate. Being educated, because of the existence of community colleges, is a right not only for the well-off.

You Can Learn and Earn at the Same Time


Most students choose to attend community colleges because of financial restraints. Many of them also have to work while earning their college degrees just to keep themselves in school. If you are one of these people, then it is definitely a good idea for you to skip the university and instead opt for a community college.

A lot of community colleges are offering very flexible class schedules to their students. You have a day job? No worries – you can always attend night classes available at almost all community colleges these days. In addition, many community colleges are not that strict with attendance as universities – getting a good grade is more important.

Since you can have your associate’s degree after attending a community college, you can use that to your advantage to land a job whose salary is enough to let you earn a bachelor’s degree eventually.




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