What Does a Litigation Paralegal Do in the Courtroom?

June 18, 2018

There are different types of paralegals, each one of them specializing in a particular field of the law. Yes, one paralegal might differ from another in terms of area of interest and possibly duties based on the positions job description, but ultimately they are both still considered to be paralegals….

Just How Important Are Paralegals?

March 30, 2018

So you hired a lawyer because you feel that you are a victim and you could use some much-needed justice as well as compensation. Every single day, you expect to hear from your lawyer via phone calls, e-mails or text messages, or see him or her face to face ….

Reasons Why You Should Consider Attending a Community College

March 21, 2018

There is this unspoken prestige and glory attached to attending a university. But for many students who are on the hunt for a cost-effective way to earn associate’s degrees which they can later on use to get to different learning institutions offering 4-year college courses and obtain their bachelor’s degrees…

Top 10 Hero Lawyers

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August 29, 2017

Our legal system is far from being perfect, legal advice can be expensive and therefore can be a limiting factor for the innocent and needy. They may be forced to suffer unjustly because they cannot afford to maintain their legal rights. However, there is an alternative that some people are…

7 Reasons to Become a Paralegal

March 21, 2017

What is a Paralegal? A paralegal is a person, qualified through education, training or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. This person may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental…

How Long Does It Take to Get a Paralegal Degree?

March 21, 2017

Paralegals are individuals who aid attorneys or other legal professionals in conducting research and organizing facts and evidence in a case. While paralegals certainly perform administrative tasks for lawyers, paralegals can also perform other specialized tasks that are essential to progressing the legal process. To become a paralegal, you must…

Legal Terms Every Paralegal Should Know

March 20, 2017

Law can be extremely complex, especially to those who do not have much experience with it. This is why attorneys got to school for many years and get paid the big bucks to help interpret and work it. Paralegals are an instrumental part of an attorney’s team. As a paralegal,…